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Event Bookings:

The Great Hall will have a venue fee and you will then be able to select your menu and beverage selections. The venue fee may vary depending on the day of the week, time of day and/or time of year.

Your event will be confirmed upon receipt of a signed contract, which includes a credit card authorization. Payment is due in full on the day and at the conclusion of the event. A valid credit card or cash must be present on the day of your event. Menu prices do not include the 6% Virginia sales tax, 20% automatic gratuity and 5% event service charge.

  • Allergies & Food Restrictions

    Please alert your event manager if you have any food allergies, intolerance or dietary restrictions. *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood , shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially of you have certain medical conditions.

  • Final Guest Count

    Your final guaranteed guest count is required 15 calendar days prior to your event and may not be reduced thereafter. If we do not receive a timely guarantee of guest count, your final bill will reflect charges for the highest estimated number of guests shown on your agreement and menu.

  • Menu

    Menu prices and availability are subject to change seasonally. We ask that all menu selections be made and submitted to us byt the date listed on your event contract.

  • Wine & Beverages

    Farm Brew LIVE features an extensive wine and beer cellar along with a vast cocktail menu. Our team is available to assist in making advance selections for your event. Additionally, we invite you to allow our bar team to craft a signature cocktail for your event.

  • Corkage & Cake Fees

    We do not offer corkage for private events.

    You are welcome to bring in a cake to be served during your event. There is a $3 per person charge for wedding cakes unless our preferred wedding cake vendor has been selected. Cupcakes or other small desserts will have a charge of $1 per person.

  • Deliveries & Storage

    Should you require printed materials, gifts or other items to be shipped to Farm Brew LIVE in advance of your event, please contact your event manager for prior approval as storage space is limited.